Monday, August 15, 2011

Brad Richardson with his 111" 2010 Super Raffle Buck.

This was a great, fun hunt! Brad had to make a quick decision and made a great shot on this buck. This is Brads biggest buck to date, and cant be more proud of it! Congratulations Brad on your 111" stud, glad Goodman Outfittters could help make your dream come true! :)

Brad Richardson, Ty Goodman, and Dave Melde

2010 Unit 22 Giant! 130" Buck!

I had Richard Sawaske from California contact me with a dream to kill a big coues buck. After discussing his options we put and plan together and got him put in on the draw in hopes to pull the coues tag he was after. Luck was on his side as Richard ended up drawing one of the best units in the state.

After hearing the news, the scouting began. I started hitting the hills a few weeks before the hunt in hopes to locate and re-locate some great bucks. The day before the hunt I ended up finding a 115” class buck. Which was a shooter in Richards eyes as he was good with pulling the trigger on anything over 100”s. Richard arrived at my house Thursday the 16th. I told Richard I got a good buck located but lets check some other areas and if it doesn’t pan out we can always go in and kill this 115” buck.

Friday morning found us glassing away when I located a buck which looked to be a good buck, but nearly 1.5 miles away. I told Richard we better get a better look at this one. So after a 1.5 mile walk through some rough country we got to the area we had last seen the buck. Its was now about 11am. We set up and instantly located 7 does and knew he was close by. After a little bit of glassing we found the buck bedded about 200 yards away. It was very hard to judge this buck bedded. I knew he was a great buck but being that his tines curled in, instead of up made for a though field judgment. I was first guessing him at around 95”…. 2 pm rolls around and this big boy decided to get up.. He walked out in the open and I instantly realized what we had in front of us, I was now judging this guy at 120”. Richard said this thing is a giant. He quickly set up and I whispered to him “don’t miss this buck”. I ranged the buck right at 200 yards and Richard made a perfect shot right through the heart. The buck ran about 50 yards and tumbled end over end right into a bush.

When we got over to this buck we were both in shock over the size of this giant. The mass is unbelievable, huge tines and an extra above the eye guard on the left side. We got him quartered out and in the packs. We didn’t make it back to the trucks until about 7:30 that night. It was a rough pack out but well worth it when you got a 130” buck in your pack.

Richard was nice enough to have a replica made of this giant for me! Thank you Richard! Here are the pics of the replica, looks incredible!

Weekend scouting trip with freaky ending!

Myself and Nick were out with Jeff Hall on a scouting trip. Jeff was forunate enough to draw a early rifle 22N bull tag and hired Goodman Outfitters for a scout package. Sunday morning had us looking through the glass at approx 10 bulls in a canyon. There were a couple great bulls in the bunch that Jeff would defienetly be interested in chasing on his hunt. There was one that he really liked that was bedded and we waiting to get a better look at him. About 1:30 a young 5X5 stood up from his bed and started feeding. I told Jeff and Nick and we all were checking him out when all of a sudden "George" Started stumbling back and forth, We could not believe what we were seeing and were trying to figure out what was wrong with this bull! When all of a sudden he fell over and started kicking and shortly after expired. We could not believe what we just witnessed. After the shock factor and not knowing exaclty what happened, I got on the phone with Game and Fish I told them what I just saw. Dave Daniels with Game and Fish showed up and we hiked over to the bull. As we all got to the bull I we were all confused, Not a single mark on the bull anywhere, and he looked healthy as can be. At this point we still dont know how George died but Dave took some tissue samples for testing. I am very curious to find out the cause. Dave let me keep the rack, and I will have them around to share this story for years to come. This was the most freaky experience I have ever witnessed in all my 34 years in field.