Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Massive Arizona Sheds!

My son and his buddy went out and did some shed hunting, and wow did they score! Here is their story...

I spent many days hiking with my buddy Gunner Goodman shed hunting on a weekly basis. We pulled out several nice 6 points and many other sheds, but none compare to these. I was out at one of my favorite elk/bear spots and i actually glassed these up across a canyon around 300 yards away. At first glance i knew they looked nice but had no idea what was in store for me. I hiked on over and to my surprise they were huge!!! After hauling these massive sheds and a few others I found all the way back to the truck, I took them straight to show off my findings. I had Gunner's dad ( Goodman Outfitters) measure and score them out. With fronts over 20"'s and a giant main beam they scored a respectable 383!! These were the find of a lifetime.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Two Giant Jr. Coues Bucks!

Here the story my son Gunner wrote:

Me and Buddy Conner both drew 23 JR tags. After helping my dad with lots of coues hunts in 23 I knew we would have a great hunt. Second day of the hunt found us looking at a great shooter buck bedded. After putting a game plan together we were heading up to get within shooting range when we jumped 5 big bucks, a complete giant compareable to clay goldmans buck for those of you that have seen it.. In the 140's. Unfortunately he didnt stop for me to get a shot but when he skylighted himself me and my dad could not believe how big that buck was. So after the shock wore off we figured we better try to get one of these other bucks on the ground. So we looked over the other bucks, picked out the biggest one and let him have it. He dropped in his tracks.

The next morning we went back to the same area with conner to try to kill the buck that I orginally was going after. We located him early that mornning and waited for him to bed. My dad took him in on the stalk as I stayed and watched it go down with Conners dad and my dads best friend Mark, They got to 300 yards and Conner made a great shot.

My buck scored 113" and Conners was 112 6/8" Mine had all the mass and his had all the width.

                                                                  Conners Buck

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My 2010 Archery Dream Buck!

I have been hunting this buck for a few years and have watched this buck grow into the giant that he had become. I have spent many hours learning the buck and have also found his sheds from previous years. I was able to fullfill a long time dream connected with the giant on Sunday afternoon of the opening weekend. This monster 6x6 was taped out at 129"