Monday, February 27, 2012

BBD! Bryces Big Kiabab Muley!!

My youngest son Bryce has really taken on the same passion I have for the outdoors and really enjoys hunting as much as I do. He was lucky enough to get his hands on a late Kiabab tag in 2011. Being that we have spent many years on the kiabab we were excited for the hunt as we know what we have seen, and harvested in the years past. The kiabab is the home of Giant Muleys and we couldnt wait for his hunt to get here. Before we knew it we were in camp and our scouting proved that the giants sure do still roam these hills. We had a couple bucks picked out that were worthy to hang his covenant tag on, a Giant 235" with trash and a big 205" typical frame buck. We got into our area bright and early and as the sun came up we watched big buck after big buck chase does as we were in the the full swing of the rut. After a few hours of glassing we were finally able to pick off the big typical frame buck we seen earlier. It wasnt the big 235 but this buck was impressive and he was in a area which would allow us to make a stalk and get a shot off. Bryce made the call and said "I want that buck". So off we went and very shortly we were within range, we quickly set up Bryce for the shot. The buck was hot on some does and we had to make it happen quick before he moved into the cover they were heading for. With the video camera rolling, Bryce settles in and squeezes off the trigger. BBD! He made a great shot and put the big boy down. What a great hunt and outstanding buck, his buck scored 201" with very impressive mass. We could not have been happier!