Monday, February 27, 2012

BIG AZ Antelope hits the dirt!

My Brother Troy Goodman finally drew one of the tags that seems like we can never draw. Troy drew a unit 10 rifle antelope tag for the 2011 season. We love hunting antelope and we know 10 very well but we knew there was going to be alot of pressure and we needed to make it happen quick before hunters started pushing them around. After a few scounting trips we had a buck picked out. He was really heavy buck he had some serious mass and we knew with his mass it would get him up there. Opening morning found us looking through the glass bright and early at Troys buck and off we went to make the stalk. The years of waiting for the tag was short lived during the hunt as Troy connected with his giant and a buck of lifetime at that! Congrats again Troy and im glad we could be a part of it.

Troy Goodman with this 2011 Rifle 87" Antelope