Monday, February 27, 2012

Late Season Giants!!

We had outstanding late season hunts with both our late rifle clients and Archery Client harvesting some giants! My son Bryce also had a late rifle bull tag, he was only able to hunt one day and he and my son Tyler went out and connected with a really heavy old 6x.

Bryce with the crew with his 320" rifle bull

I really enjoy these late hunts with persistance and hard work we continue to provide our clients with  opportunity at outstanding bulls. Below is Pete with his 2011 late rifle bull and Mance with his 2011 late ARCHERY bull. Huge congrats to both Pete and Manse. They both made perfect shots on there bulls and closed the deal when it was needed most.

Pete with his 355" Late Rifle Bull

Mance with his 374" Late Archery Bull